Life Changing Stories
Life Changing Stories

Discover the extraordinary power of a life changed by Christ
Thirty-four authors share inspiring devotionals revealing a personal encounter with Christ. These compelling, heartfelt stories will encourage you to trust God’s extraordinary power to guide you to a hope-filled life.

Drawing inspiration from Romans 6:4, the foundation of ButterflyLiving rests on the profound truth that, just as Jesus was raised from the dead through the power of the Father, we too can walk in the newness of life.

In ButterflyLiving Life Changing Stories, you'll discover the joy of walking hand in hand with Jesus, finding hope and encouragement in the knowledge that a life transformed by Christ is not only possible but profoundly rewarding.

Whether you're seeking solace in times of struggle or longing to deepen your relationship with Jesus, these devotionals offer a refuge for your soul.

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  • Faith-based
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  • Spiritual

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  • Adult
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“Jesus never promised a life without difficulties, but He does promise to guide us along the way, showering us with His presence, love and peace.” With those words, Mary Rooney Armand summarizes this compilation, Life Changing Stories. These thirty-four devotionals, written by different Christian women, show the variety of troubles and afflictions in life. Their genuine stories of heartache and pain also show the varied grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Jesus answers prayer. Jesus turns bad situations into blessings. Jesus helps His people.

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