Life Blossoms Like A Rose In Thorns
Life Blossoms Like a Rose in Thorns: When a Goddess Rose in Revolt in God's Own Country
Life Blossoms Like A Rose In Thorns
Raghavan Jayaprakash
Life Blossoms Like a Rose in Thorns is a work of fiction about Smitha, who cannot help but feel disgusted at the way that women are treated as inferiors in Indian society, particularly when it comes to marriage. Smitha vows to defy this even though her mother says, “We can’t change the customs society had been accustomed to for years. It takes a noble person to speak out against these evils.” Smitha becomes just such a noble person. She marries, and they settle down in Malaysia and have a son named Bhasker and the story begins to follow his life. As the title implies, this story focuses on the beautiful and wonderful aspects of life that occur even in the middle of the dark and painful moments. The characters face many obstacles on their paths to happiness. This could be an uplifting story that might be attractive to people interested in inspirational fiction.

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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This book was a very great and inspirational read. Smitha is the main character and she is a rebel. She cannot stand the way that the women of her Indian culture are treated. She speaks to her mom about her opinions on the matter and her mother just says there is nothing they can do about it, our culture has always been this way. Smithas father dies and her mother leans on her son in law for support. He treats her unfairly, due to the way women were treated as inferiors to men at the time.

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Thoroughly thought provoking and truthful, this is the story of a young Hindu woman named Smitha, following her through her teenage years, and then onto her adult life. She does not agree with her religion's (Hindu's) view on arranged marriages, and watching as her sisters marriage falls and crumbles, she wishes to have a choice in whom she marries, and so sets out on a quest to become someone in the world. Written in four sections, each follows a different part of her life, it switches in part three to following her son Bhaskar's story.

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