The Laketown Loners
The Laketown Loners
The Laketown Loners
Every school has at least one Julian Peabody, but rarely does anyone know these kids by their real names. In Julian’s case, he’s Pee-bedy, Jewels, or more recently, Piebody. Prone to unwanted attention from bullies and embarrassing mishaps, he is the boy most kids at school try hard to avoid. A move to tiny Laketown changes little - that is, until Julian begins to sense that the enormous lake that now makes up his backyard is hiding mysteries, extraordinary places and objects that he feels compelled to find but never will on his own. Luckily, there are others in Laketown like Julian: odd but gifted teens accustomed to living life alone but who long for a friend. There’s the husky boy who takes endless abuse but never fights back, the frail, home-schooled kid who rarely leaves his house, and the quirky girl who inexplicably makes everyone else uneasy. Bringing together four self-defensive, naive loners is what Julian must do if he is to uncover what the lake keeps well-hidden. Lacking superior strength or speed and having no access to traditional weaponry, the Loners must overcome conditions and creatures where all are essential. If they fail, more will be sacrificed than they ever imagined.

Book Details


  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Humor

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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