"For a narrative of adolescent despair and bravado, a passing parade of weird people and recitation of bizarre drug trips, Labeled works. It’s not The Catcher in the Rye, but there is something here. I think it’s an unmistakable honesty coupled with a struggle to understand what life is all about. No answers, but good questions." Sharon Dirlam (author of Two Years Beyond Siberia)

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Vinnie is a self-proclaimed misfit who asks "Why don't I ever fit in anywhere?" His search for the answer takes him across the country from New York to California. Vinnie hopes that the communal feeling that dropping acid and other drugs brings will help him connect with other people.  Through the thick haze of a drug-induced stupor, Vinnie experiences many 'firsts' that expose his faults and true inner thoughts.  In the end, it is up to him as to whether he wants to walk down the honest road of rehab, getting help and answers. 

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Labeled by Mark Salvatore is about a teenager named Vinnie. It it set sometime in the 1970's. He lives in New York and is more of an introvert, who doesn't do well in school. He decides to hitchhike to California with his two friends. This begins his journey of trying to find out who he is. As he begins to get deeper into drugs and alcohol, spending what little money they get on acid, he has to make a decision for himself. 

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