Kiss and Blog
Kiss & Blog: A Novel
Kiss and Blog
Alyson Noël
What's the best revenge when your best friend ditches you for the popular crowd? Alyson Noël reveals all in her hot new young adult novel, Kiss & Blog. As freshmen at Ocean High last year, Winter and her best friend Sloane thought they could ditch their nerdy past, launching from invisible to cool. But after another miserable year of standing on the sidelines they make a pact to do whatever it takes not to go unnoticed in their sophomore year, promising each other that whoever makes it into the cool group first will bring the other along.One Sloane gets a taste of life on the A-list, she slams that door in Winter's face. Suddenly cast out of her former best friend's life, Winter takes revenge the modern way: by announcing all of Sloane's dirty little secrets on an anonymous blog. Then the blog becomes more popular than she ever dreamed and Winter must decide if her retaliation is really worth the consequences―and if the price for popularity is one she's willing to pay. Once again, Alyson Noël navigates the tricky waters of the high school social scene with the heart and humor her readers have come to love.

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  • Chick Lit
  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Winter and Sloane have been best friends FOREVER. They grew up as neighbors and even when Sloane moved to a different area of town, they still maintained their constant friendship. The summer before sophomore year, both girls decide they are tired of being at the C table, they want to be popular; they want to join the A table girls. As the year begins and Sloane is becoming more and more popular, Winter realizes she has lost the opportunity to become popular and she has also lost her best friend. Struggling through, Winter finds herself with a new group--people she can really call friends.

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