King Dork
King Dork
King Dork
Frank Portman
Tom Henderson (a.k.a. King Dork, Chi-mo, Hender-fag, and Sheepie) is a typical American high school loser until he discovers the book, The Catcher in the Rye, that will change the world as he knows it. When Tom discovers his deceased father’s copy of the Salinger classic, he finds himself in the middle of several interlocking conspiracies and at least half a dozen mysteries involving dead people, naked people, fake people, ESP, blood, a secret code, guitars, monks, witchcraft, the Bible, girls, the Crusades, a devil head, and rock and roll. And it all looks like it’s just the tip of a very odd iceberg of clues that may very well unravel the puzzle of his father’s death and–oddly–reveal the secret to attracting semihot girls.Being in a band could possibly be the secret to the girl thing–but good luck finding a drummer who can count to four.

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  • Fiction
  • Humor
  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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King Dork is the story of a sophomore boy named Tom, who is your average, unexpected protagonist. He is a loser. He gets beat up in school, chicks aren't into him (well not at first anyway), his home-life is messy, he loves and truly appreciates Rock and Roll, and has only one friend like figure. Yet he still manages to view the world through a cynical, witty, and slightly askew eye. Throughout the book he yearns to sew the mystery of his father's death into his present, by reading his father's old books and tracking down people his father once knew.

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