Just for You to Know
Just for You to Know
Just for You to Know
Cheryl Harness
As her family noisily slurps root beers at a drive-in stop, Carmen longs to be invisible -- especially when Clark and Larry shout out the news about Mama. Can it get any worse than this? Carmen imagines she's been kidnapped -- how else did she wind up as one of the Cathcarts. . . . At almost thirteen she's the oldest, with five noisy little brothers, a dreamy mom, and a sometimes reckless dad. When she's a famous artist, she'll get away from them all!This wonderfully honest and bighearted first novel mirrors life. Carmen Cathcart becomes a friend as, with a voice that is deeply moving yet often funny, she shares the importance of holding on to your dreams and what it means to be a family.

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Twelve-year-old Carmen Cathcart, the oldest sister to five brothers, is constantly embarrassed by her overly large family. Several weeks after settling into their new home, Carmen and her pregnant mother start planning Carmen's thirteenth birthday celebration. Carmen's birthday has finally arrived, and Robin (her new best friend) and Carmen go off to see the movie Cleopatra with her aunt. When she comes home she starts thinking of how she could draw Cleopatra when she hears a gasp and glass breaking in the kitchen (the room her mom just walked into).

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