Just In Case
Just In Case
Just In Case
Meg Rosoff
Justin Case is convinced fate has in for him.And he's right.After finding his younger brother teetering on the edge of his balcony, fifteen-year-old David Case realizes the fragility of life and senses impending doom. Without looking back, he changes his name to Justin and assumes a new identity, new clothing and new friends, and dares to fall in love with the seductive Agnes Day. With his imaginary dog Boy in tow, Justin struggles to fit into his new role and above all, to survive in a world where tragedy is around every corner. He's got to be prepared, just in case.

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Romance

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  • 12 and up
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Just in Case is the story of a boy who wants desperately to escape fate. He runs and runs from fate, but can't ever seem to go quick enough to escape. First he changes his name from David to Justin, with the mentality that he can trick fate into forgetting his existence. He changes his physical state, his wardrobe, even his friends, but all in vain. Fate is not so easily fooled. As the book progresses Justin's fate plays out in many unexpected and refreshingly peculiar ways.

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