Indiscretion: A Novel
Jude Morgan
When your father is a man of expensive tastes and schemes but very little money, you soon learn to make do. So when Captain Fortune, a well-meaning but profligate ex-soldier in Regency England, tells his daughter Caroline that they are ruined, she automatically starts seeking employment as a governess. Her father, however, has far grander designs for Miss Fortune.…Caro is to become the companion of Mrs. Catling, the rich, fierce widow of her father's old colonel. As Mrs. Catling amuses herself by tormenting her relatives and servants, Caro resolves to make the best of the situation, and soon her beauty and intelligence attract the attentions of male admirers. Surrounded by people with an alarming readiness to reveal each other's confidences, Caroline is exasperated to find herself implicated in their indiscretions. But will Miss Fortune be able to avoid losing her reputation without losing her head? And will she find at least one good man amongst the genteel set who will take her side, and, indeed, her fancy?

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  • Fiction
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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After finding out that her father has lost all of their money and cannot support the family, Caroline Fortune has to make her way into the world. Her father gets her a job as the paid companion to a former fellow officer. In her new position, she finds that her boss is very unpleasant and is suddenly let go. But her luck changes when her estranged aunt and uncle invite her to live with them. In her adventures, she creates good friendships and discovers the difference between love and romance from her own relationships and the indiscretions of all the people she meets along the way.

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