Hunter's Heart
Hunter's Heart (Exceptional Reading & Language Arts Titles for Upper Grades)
Hunter's Heart
Julia Green
A rites of passage story about a 14-year-old boy growing up over one summer. Simon is beginning to sort out relationships with women, and when 16-year-old Leah decides to manipulate him for her own amusement, a powerful and dangerous mix begins to simmer. Set against a wild Cornish landscape and the evidence of a harsh and violent past, this is the story of a young man growing upand the girl who ultimately betrays him.

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Death changes everything. At least that's how it is for Simon when his dad dies. His pain drives him farther and farther away from his mother and sister. Eventually they can't even recognize who he is anymore. To his mother's dismay, he takes up the extreme hobby of hunting, using slingshots and air rifles. Although she tries to change him, it never works. Then Leah comes along. As Simon grows closer to Leah, his mother begins to see Simon's art teacher, Matt. With Leah's help, Simon begins to grow and change into the person his mom tried to make him before.

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