Hot Issues: Cool Choices
Hot Issues, Cool Choices: Facing Bullies, Peer Pressure, Popularity, and Put-Downs
Hot Issues: Cool Choices
Sandra Mcleod Humphrey
Did you know that there are kids out there who don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning because they know what going to school means for them?• being teased and taunted ...• being excluded and rejected ...• being afraid that you’re going to be assaulted and possibly hurt…• Sometimes it can even mean that you just can’t hang in there any longer, so you give up and take your own life.If you are one of the cool kids at school, this book is for you.But if you’re not one of the cool kids, this book is especially for you.Emerson Elementary isn’t a real school, but it could be your elementary school. And the students at Emerson aren’t real kids, but the problems they face are real, and so are the choices they make. The Golden Rule is an old rule, but it's still a good rule to live by, and after reading this book, you may just possibly become a kinder, more compassionate human being, someone who treats others the way you want them to treat you.So come along and join the students at Emerson Elementary and help them make some cool choices!

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  • Educational
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  • 12 and up
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Hot Issues Cool Choices is twenty-six stories designed to help children with problems of "facing bullies, peer pressure, popularity, and put-downs." It is set up that there is a story from a real child talking about a specific subject. The last line of the story is always "What do you think I should do," emphasizing the individual reader's opinion and choice. Immediately following the story are some questions asking children about things they would do in the situation. Then it flips the scenario around and asks what they would do if they were the other person.

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