History: South Coast High School Trilogy
History: South Coast High School Trilogy

Affluent teen Natasha Bennett returns to South Coast to complete her senior year at South Coast High School. While some things haven’t changed since she’s been gone, such as her friendship with Brad Hamilton, some are very different. As Tash settles back into her hometown, she catches the attention of the cliquey elite at SCHS and finds herself caught between the affections of two best friends and at the wrath of the most popular girl in school. Sparks and fireworks fly, and Tash begins to realise the challenges of competing with the past, and that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, history is doomed to repeat itself.

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  • Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult

South Coast High School: History is a coming-of-age tale by Claire Merchant that tells the story of Natasha as she returns to South Coast. Natasha Bennett and her mother return to South Coast after her parents get divorced. On her first day back in high school, she comes in contact with Lucas, who helps her open doors of social opportunities she otherwise couldn't have experienced on her own. At South Coast High School, Natasha also finds out that some things have changed. For example, she discovers that there are some people she shouldn't interfere with or get closer to.

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