The Heir to the Amulet
The Heir to the Amulet: A New World Fantasy Adventure Novel
The Heir to the Amulet
S P Meijer
In a mysterious new world where strangely evolved creatures roam the earth and the secrets of the past lie concealed underground, six-year-old Lora arrives home and discovers that a decision she has made has had devastating consequences.Eight years later, Lora is thrown into a dark struggle when she finds out that ruthless powers intend to trade her brother for her best friend to broker a deal. An unexplained attack on her home sends her fleeing to the city ghettos where she meets Tommy, an orphan she can trust with her life, though not with her wallet nor less with her heart. They smuggle themselves into Lora’s old kingdom, a realm of dangers and deceit. Strange peoples and creatures speak languages they cannot understand making their journey by turns bizarre and frightening. Armed with only courage and humor, they must unravel a riddle and cross a forbidding landscape to find the forgotten old world, buried deep within the belly of the earth.With each challenge they overcome she is drawn closer to the enemies who covet that which she guards, an Amulet; the key to a secret both great and terrible, desired above all treasures on earth.

Book Details


  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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