The Haunting of Apartment 101
Case #01: The Haunting of Apartment 101 (The Paranormalists)
The Haunting of Apartment 101
Megan Atwood
Jinx felt something rumble through the room. She began to shake and moved closer to Jackson. "Do you feel that?" she whispered. Jackson nodded. When Jinx glanced at him, his face had turned bright white. As if he'd seen a ghost. Jinx was a social reject who became a punked-out paranormal investigator. Jackson is a jock by day and Jinx's ghost-hunting partner by night. When a popular girl named Emily asks the duo to explore a haunting in her dad's apartment, Jinx is skeptical—but Jackson insists they take the case. And the truth they find is even stranger than Emily's story.

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  • Fiction
  • Paranormal

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Jinx, who became a punked-out paranormal investigator, decided to investigate what was going on with Emily's dad apartment along with her partner, Jackson. Saying that the apartment is apparently haunted, Jinx and Jackson decid to go in. But is the apartment really haunted, or is it something much more than it may seen by the naked eye?

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