Hannah and the Hobgoblins
Hannah and the Hobgoblins

A middle-grade book about the Connemara Witches.

When Aunt Agatha sends Hannah a book about the Connemara Witches strange things begin to happen. Hannah has no idea that she comes from a family of witches but on her 12th birthday, she is shocked to learn that she is a Grand Witch and must go to the Enchanted Castle with Aunt Agatha to learn how to use her powers for good and not evil. Hannah is vulnerable and gets tricked by the Hobgoblins who take over the castle and kidnap Aunt Agatha. Hannah tries to use her powers, but they are still developing. Will Hannah be able to save Aunt Agatha and the Enchanted Castle?

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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     Hannah and the Hobgoblins is a terrific book by Deborah Dolan Hunt that puts a positive spin on witches. It’s about Hannah Drew, who lives in Salem, Massachusetts. She thinks she’s growing up in a normal, traditional family, and she’s excited to be celebrating her 12th birthday on October 29th and 30th with friends and family at a Halloween-themed sleepover party. Trouble starts to find her when her Aunt Agatha sends her a Connemara Witches book that is an ancient family heirloom.

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