The Green Teen Cookbook
Green Teen Cookbook
The Green Teen Cookbook
Going green is hard to do, especially when it comes to food. There are acronyms to learn, labels to decipher, seasons to accommodate, and grocery stores to navigate--and that's before you even turn on the stove! The Green Teen Cookbook cuts through the chaos and shows teens how to shop smarter, cook more consciously, and eat a healthier diet. And in addition to the 70+ incredible recipes (created by teens, for teens), the book also includes Illuminating essays about freeganism, flexitarians, vegetarianism, and more. You’ll learn how to shop on a budget, get the most out of what you already have, and information on seasonal ingredients. Eating locally grown, organic, and cruelty-free food is a laudable goal, but it's hard to achieve without some help. The Green Teen Cookbook provides that essential assistance. It's more than just a cookbook: It's an all-in-one guide for going green and eating well.

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  • Anthology
  • Educational
  • For Reluctant Readers
  • Nonfiction

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  • 12 and up
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The Green Teen Cookbook is a book of recipes made by teens for teens. It also includes short essays on various subjects of cooking. Some of the subjects include how to eat locally, vegetarianism, and eating organically. This cookbook includes recipes from all around the world. There are recipes for every occasion, from five-minute breakfasts to hors d'oeuvres that are worthy of dinner parties.

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This cookbook is awesome!  The advice given is helpful and easy to remember.  The ingredients are easy to find at stores.  The recipes are delicious and easy to make.  There is a variety of recipes ranging from breakfast smoothies to after-dinner desserts.  Each recipe is relatively easy to change to your desire.  The pictures are cheery and inviting.  All in all, this cookbook has yummy and easy recipes in a fun packed book.

The Green Teen Cookbook has many recipes you can cook on short notice. Many are healthy recipes. This cookbook includes brekfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.
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The Green Teen Cookbook is not just a cookbook; besides recipes created by teens, it includes information on farmers’ market and eating healthfully.  The essays on pros and cons of organic food, vegetarianism, and other environmentally conscious topics all give suggestions on where to purchase cheap, healthy food and how to lower one’s carbon footprint.  A key for when the ingredients were in season accompanied each recipe, as well as basic information like how many servings the recipe made and time needed to prepare it.  A section of basic kitchen staple

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When your stomach is growling, you might turn to a jumbo bag of sodium-laden potato chips or run to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts for a high-calorie coffee and pastry. The editors of The Green Teen Cookbook have a different idea: make yourself a healthy meal! Healthy cooking might seem like an unappetizing challenge, but a look through the full-color pictures of meals confirms that you really can eat guilt-free meals that don’t skimp on the flavor.

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