Ghost Ride
Ghost Ride
Ghost Ride
Marina Cohen
2011 Red Maple Award ― Shortlisted Fourteen-year-old Sam McLean is less than thrilled with the prospect of moving to a collection of old mansions on the northern fringe of a small town called Ringwood. A nobody at his old school, Sam is desperate to be accepted by the cool kids and latches on to Cody Barns, aka Maniac. Cody’s claim to fame is performing wild stunts ― the crazier the better ― and posting them on his blog. When Sam reluctantly joins Cody and his sidekick, Javon, on their midnight ghost riding, a practice in which the driver and passenger climb onto the hood of their moving car and dance, something goes terribly wrong. Cody convinces Sam to flee the scene, leaving Javon for dead. But soon mysterious messages appear on Cody’s blog and anonymous notes are slid into Sam’s locker. As Sam struggles with his conscience, a haunting question remains: Who else knows the truth?

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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When fourteen-year-old Sam McLean moves to a little neighborhood full of old mansions on the outskirts of a small town called Ringwood, strange things start to happen. Just as Sam starts to hang out with Cody Barns (otherwise known as Maniac) and his lunatic of a sidekick Javon, they convince Sam to join them on one of their crazy stunts that they planned to video tape and put on Cody's blog. The stunt goes wrong and Cody and Sam flee the scene leaving Javon alone, dead.

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