Get Hired: For College Students
Get Hired: For College Students
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Are you a college student and want to get hired after graduation? If so, J.J. Scardino has something to tell you: Stop clicking apply and unleash your candidate powers to get hired!

As the founder of Get Hired and Partner at one of the top agencies in Houston, J.J. Scardino reveals six candidate powers that help college students get hired after graduation.

For decades, we've have been told to graduate from college and click apply. The truth is that there are many other steps needed to land a job after graduation. J.J. Scardino gives readers the inside scoop to the hiring process and reveals what it takes to get hired in today’s job market.

Get Hired reveals your candidates powers that you can use to get hired. She maps out each power and teaches you how to use each one. All college students work hard to graduate and deserve to work in the job they want not need. Get Hired provides you tools to accomplish your career goals and achieve the job you want.

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InĀ Get Hired: For College Students, J.J. Scardino first gives background into WHY such a book is necessary to assist college students ready for the career market.

College is hard enough without the stress of endlessly looking for and applying to jobs. Luckily, in Get Hired: For College Students, J. J. Scardino demystifies the job-hunting process and provides concrete steps and tips on not only how to make the job search easier, but also how to come out of it with a job. The majority of college students have no clue how the recruitment process works, and with the use of new technology to streamline the screening process, the recruitment process is much different than when our parents were looking for their first jobs. J. J.

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