Garden Princess
Garden Princess
Garden Princess
Kristin Kladstrup
Dig in to this middle-grade fantasy featuring a horticulturally minded princess, a beautiful but evil witch, and a magpie with a shameful secret.Princess Adela is not a typical princess. She’s neither particularly beautiful nor particularly graceful, and she’d rather spend her days digging new plots for her garden than listening to teatime gossip. But when her friend Garth is invited to a garden party hosted by Lady Hortensia — whose beauty is said to be rivaled only by the loveliness of her gardens — Adela can’t resist coming along, even if it means stuffing herself into a too-tight dress and donning impractical shoes. But the moment Adela sets eyes on Hortensia’s garden, she knows something is amiss. Every single flower is in bloom — in the middle of October! Not only that, there is a talking magpie flitting about the garden and stealing the guests’ jewels. Is it possible that Hortensia is a witch and the magpie an enchanted prince? And what of the flowers themselves? Will Adela get to the root of the mystery and nip trouble in the bud before it’s too late?

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 8 - 12
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Princess Adela is not your average princess. 

When she goes to a garden party, even though she isn't invited, she explores the garden by herself and overhears voices (one of which is her aunt's and Lady Hortensia). She decides to see what they are talking about and discovers a horrifying secret. Her friend Garth is invited to the party, who suddenly "changes". Adela also befriends a talking magpie and they have quite an exciting adventure!


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<p>The Garden Princess begins with a princess who doesn&rsquo;t like being a princess- she&rsquo;d rather be a gardener. Her best friend is a gardener, and gardening is the princess&rsquo; hobby, but she wants it to be her profession. The book then really unfolds when the princess attends a garden party and discovers a secret about the garden. &nbsp;After she finds out the secret, she has to hide from the owner of the garden&rsquo;s servants, who are out to get her. It gets really exciting when she finds out that it&rsquo;s a magical garden.</p>

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