The Frog with a Frown
The Frog with a Frown

In this touching tale, a sad and lonely frog is reminded by a wise dragonfly that even the most simple, intrinsic qualities we have make us special and unique. We are all reminded to shed our former negative thoughts and trade them for the treasures within.

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There once was a frog who was very sad. Every day he would sit on his lily pad and look sadly at the water. A friendly Dragonfly flew by and asked why he was so sad. Froggy said that every time he looked in the water, he was so sad. He said everyone ignored him, like he was a lump of clay. The Dragonfly said he should be proud for swimming in water, for no one else could. The frog began to smile, and he thanked the Dragonfly for his help, and spread his love around.

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