Friends and Neighbours
Friends and Neighbours

Friends and Neighbours is an eco comedy drama which tells the story of Jenny, an unsuccessful Marie Osmond impersonator, now coping with soul destroying grief from losing her best friend. While husband Lonny is busy prepping for climate change, Jenny takes baby steps to try and fill the female shaped hole in her life.

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  • Chick Lit
  • Environment
  • Fiction
  • Humor

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  • Adult
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Jenny is struggling with life after the death of her best friend. Jenny tries to manage her depression by getting involved with activities and by getting support from her husband and kids, but nothing Jenny does takes her away from her grief. One day, Jenny meet a lady in a creative writing class, and she is determined that this person will heal her from her darkness. The pure presence of this lady makes Jenny happy. Jenny becomes obsessed with befriending this person and soon learns that getting close to someone is more challenging than it used to be.

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Friends and Neighbours by Ruth Torjussen delves into a world where a woman, Jenny, is on a hunt for another person who could fill in the void of her best friend, Sue, who just died a year ago. Jenny went into depression despite having a loving husband and three sons. She struggled to find happiness again, and even if it's been a year, she hasn't moved on. Jenny's husband was supportive throughout the novel.  He is a person who takes care of their house and associates the climate with their improvements at home.

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