The Freedom Maze
The Freedom Maze
The Freedom Maze
Delia Sherman
"Multilayered, compassionate, and thought-provoking." — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)Thirteen-year-old Sophie isn’t happy about spending the summer of 1960 at her grandmother’s old house in the bayou. Bored and lonely, she can’t resist exploring the house’s maze, or making an impulsive wish for a fantasy-book adventure with herself as the heroine. What she gets instead is a real adventure: a trip back in time to 1860 and the race-haunted world of her family’s Louisiana sugar plantation. Here, President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation is still two years in the future and passage of the Thirteenth Amendment is almost four years away. And here, Sophie is mistaken, by her own ancestors, for a slave.

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  • Fiction
  • Historical Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Sophie wished for an adventure during her summer in the bayou and that’s exactly what she got in The Freedom Maze

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For 13-year-old Sophie, spending the summer with her aunt and grandmother seems anything but exciting. After her parents' divorce, Sophie is left with her mother's family. Expecting the worst, she soon finds herself amazed by her surroundings. As a young adult growing up in the 1960s, Sophie has grown accustomed to racial segregation and discrimination, but these views are soon tested when she finds herself able to transport back to the times of slavery. With her tan skin, Sophie is mistaken for a slave.

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