Fran, The Second Time Around
Fran, The Second Time Around
Fran, The Second Time Around
Amy L. Bernstein
A fresh start. A clean slate. That’s what Mom said as I headed out the door to catch the annoyingly bright and infantile school bus. No one knows you, or anything about you, she said. You can be who you are—whoever you want to be. Now isn’t that just great. I have the privilege of beginning ninth grade, the start of my high school career—or lack of career, more likely—as a complete zero, a nobody. No history, no personality, no best friend. Tracy is out of the picture after, let’s see, eleven years of tried-and-true, best-buds-til-we-die friendship…. Yeah, well, things change in ways you can’t imagine.

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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As this book opens, Fran is dreading the first day of high school, a place full of new people she has never met. Mystery surrounds the reasons why she has not continued on with the schoolmates she has known all of her life. Eventually, it emerges that a tragic accident has occurred, one that shocked her family and friends, and dictated her decision to switch schools. The book is divided into three parts, the first describes her life after the accident, the second her life as a popular and carefree middle schooler before, and the third occurs right before, during and after the tragedy.

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