Fractured: When Shadows Arise series, book one
Fractured: When Shadows Arise (The Cup, Sword and Stone Series)
Fractured: When Shadows Arise series, book one
As her father withdraws into his work and her best friend is injured by one of the shadows, Dara struggles to uncover the cause of the troubles. On the night of the solstice, watching for the first star with an Aboriginal boy new to the area, a giant shadow-snake comes after them. Together, the three seek to unravel the mystery of the creatures and their connection to Dara's father's work.Hallaer, queen of the elves, is furious but helpless. She cannot challenge the alchemist or slow his destruction of her land. Through a dream, she urges Dara to stop her father. Dara's cousin, who is actually an elf the alchemist enslaved years before, presses her to step in. When her father is trapped in the conduit he opens, Dara, her friends and this elf must find a way to undo the damage and to rescue him.

Book Details


  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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