Foxfire: Trickster's Game #3
Barbara Campbell
The stunning final novel in barbara campbell?s powerful debut fantasy series Years after their exile, legendary hero Darak and his wife Griane have founded their own tribe and raised four children. A rebel force, led by Darak?s own daughter, seeks to recruit him to their cause. But the greatest danger comes from their youngest son, R igat?actually sired by the Trickster God...

Book Details


  • Fantasy
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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This is an adventurous book with lots of emotion and fighting. It's an action packed trilogy (it is the third book) and I highly recommend it! Once in a while, the chapters feel boring and I wanted to put the book down... it was movie through traffic extremely slowly, but I loved the fast parts and if you like the fantasy/fiction genre, you'll like Foxfire! This book was great. There are six main characters, Darak, Griane, Keirith, Faelia, Callie and Rigat. They live in a clan with their closest friends and Keirith and Rigat are the special ones in this family.

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