Flags of the World
Flags of the World
Flags of the World
Sylvie Bednar
In this complete compendium of the world’s flags, each nation’s flag is paired with facts and tidbits of history. These flags provide a window into the histories, values, and cultures of countries around the world. Waving in the wind, a flag may not seem like a code. But hidden in the stripes, stars, suns, moons, and colors of the world’s flags are the keys to understanding different countries’ shared histories and cherished ideals. Flags do much more than identify countries and groups of people. In every color, pattern, and design, the citizens and governments of countries announce their allegiances and herald their history. If you know what to look for, a flag can reveal major insights into another country’s history and culture.

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  • Nonfiction

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  • 12 and up
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Flags of the world are more than just colorful displays. They show pride for their nations and have history and backgrounds to them. Independence is shown through the flag as a symbol; the colors of many flags relate to their freedom and beliefs. Common traits are found in many flags because of similar histories of the countries. Why do the flags of the Northern European countries have crosses on them? Why are the flags of North and South Korea so different?

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