Fish in the Sky
Fish in the Sky
Fish in the Sky
Fridrik Erlings
With passion and humor, an Icelandic author tells the coming-of-age tale of a boy navigating life’s changes in all their angst and ecstasy.Josh Stephenson’s thirteenth year starts with a baffling sequence of events. His estranged father has just sent him a taxidermied falcon for his birthday. His flirty seventeen-year-old girl cousin has moved into his house, using his bedroom as a passageway and taking bubble baths in the unlockable bathroom. And now he’s gone AWOL from school to escape the locker-room teasing about certain embarrassing anatomical changes. On top of all that, he’s in love, but wondering if dreams of love can ever come true. Hiding out in his secret hollow in a big rock by the sea, Josh tries to figure out once and for all: is his life being sucked into a black hole, or is this just being thirteen?

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Truly a coming-of-age novel in all senses of the saying, “Fish in the Sky” is a perfect insight into the world of teenage angst and development.  Josh Stephenson enters a whole new world when he turns thirteen.  With this new step comes his quite promiscuous and pain-in-the-neck cousin.

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Fish in the Sky, written and translated into English by Icelandic author Fridrik Erlings, is a sincere tale about a thirteen-year old boy named Josh Stephenson. Throughout the novel, Josh navigates his way through the often treacherous and humiliating phase of teenage-hood, while strange events make his life even more confusing. A distanced father, a stressed mother, a promiscuous older cousin, a stuffed falcon, a best friend and a few not-so-nice characters shape Josh’s interesting story.

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