Finnikin of the Rock
Finnikin of the Rock (The Lumatere Chronicles)
Finnikin of the Rock
Melina Marchetta
2008 Printz Award Winner Melina Marchetta crafts an epic fantasy of ancient magic, exile, feudal intrigue, and romance that rivets from the first page.Finnikin was only a child during the five days of the unspeakable, when the royal family of Lumatere were brutally murdered, and an imposter seized the throne. Now a curse binds all who remain inside Lumatere’s walls, and those who escaped roam the surrounding lands as exiles, persecuted and despairing, dying by the thousands in fever camps. In a narrative crackling with the tension of an imminent storm, Finnikin, now on the cusp of manhood, is compelled to join forces with an arrogant and enigmatic young novice named Evanjalin, who claims that her dark dreams will lead the exiles to a surviving royal child and a way to pierce the cursed barrier and regain the land of Lumatere. But Evanjalin’s unpredictable behavior suggests that she is not what she seems — and the startling truth will test Finnikin’s

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  • Fantasy
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  • Mature Young Adult
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Nineteen-year-old Finnikin has been in exile for ten years, ever since his best friend, the heir to the throne, and his family were viciously murdered. His country, Lumatere, is controlled by a cruel imposter king. Finnikin spends ten years going from country to country, visiting his other exiled countrymen in run-down fever camps. As he’s traveling, he hears about a young woman named Evanjalin who claims that the heir to the throne is actually alive. Although this gives him hope, he soon realizes that Evanjalin isn’t someone he can trust.

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