The Fantastic Adventures of Hoagie the Hog & Shadow
The Fantastic Adventures of Hoagie the Hog & Shadow: A Novel
The Fantastic Adventures of Hoagie the Hog & Shadow
This fairytale illuminates the role of groundhogs in American Folklore, telling the story of Hoagie Prophecy, a groundhog with special powers. As a relative of Punxsutawney Phil, he knows when the winter will end. As a member of the Prophecy clan, he protects eternity for the wilderness. However, the men in the Groundhog Club want control of the groundhog clan's shadows, the secret to their lifespan. The Groundhog Club will not stop until they absorb the shadow of every forest animal, for possessing shadows enables them to live in The Underworld like eternal monsters. Hoagie and his ragtag gang of friends embark on a mysterious quest to restore the wilderness and reclaim the groundhog's duty to protect eternity. Sam, a boy at home in a nearby cabin, must help discover The Underworld and defeat the Groundhog Club. If the adventure is unsuccessful, the forest is doomed.

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  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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