Faery Moon
Faery Moon: A Tess Noncoire Adventure
Faery Moon
P. R. Frost
Bringing her bereaved mother along during a Las Vegas writers' conference, fantasy author and Celestial Blade Warrior Tess Noncioré attends a Vegas show and is astonished to see winged dancers flying about without any apparent wire support, a situation that is further complicated by Tess's discovery that the faeries are real. By the author of Moon in the Mirror.

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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This is a fantasy book about a woman and her imp.Tess is a Warrior of the Celestial Blade.Se fights off evil with her imp, Scrap.Tess goes to Las Vegas with her mother to see a show called Fairy Moon.Tess discovers the fairy dancers in the show aren't held up by wires but are real fairies and has to restore the balance to Faery.She must get all the fairies to their realm before they are to weak.

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Tess Noncoire just though she was going to vegas with her mom for a vacation, but she had it wrong. Most people know her as a bestselling fantasy writer, but she's also a girl that fights off monsters with her imp, Scrap. In this adventure, Tess meets up with her old friend Donovan Esteves, and he somehow gets her tikets to the sold out show she has been longing to see: "Faery Moon". When watching the show, she was amaized to see the people playing faeries flying aroud without strings.

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