Enduring Love, Book One of The Ravenell Dynasty Trilogy
Enduring Love, Book One of The Ravenell Dynasty Trilogy

Destined Love Tested by a Matriarch

What woman in their right mind would bet their multi-million dollar empire against the pure love of a destined couple? Ceil Ravenell, that's who.
Even though her older son, Nicolaus Ravenell, a strikingly handsome military hero, is also the new Vice President of the million dollar company her husband co-founded, Ceil is against him from the beginning. Ceil devises a cruel scheme against Nicolaus and his one and only true love, his fiancée, the elegant lawyer, Deirdre Omari. She deploys her tactics the week of their wedding, following a ten year engagement. Ceil's treachery will pressure Nicolaus to either run off with Deirdre and cause their family to lose absolutely everything, or will force Nicolaus to bend to her will, and coerce him into a "business transaction" marriage.
As Nicolaus suddenly discovers his prominent ancestors, and the fact that his life is directly lining up with one particular ancestor, right down to his marriage choices, he finds there is only one life altering choice to make. 
Will Nicolaus abandon Deirdre to save his family's empire? Or will he cling to his true love, and inflict penniless destitution upon his prestigious Ravenells?

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  • Fiction
  • Inspirational
  • Romance

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  • Adult
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