The Doomsong Sword
The Doomsong Sword
The Doomsong Sword
Davor spins stories so wild and clever they are almost believable, until he sets sail on a nightmare voyage in a dragon ship. When the ship is stranded Davor finds himself on a new journey that tests all his wit and courage, and leads to the Doomsong Sword – and then to the most dangerous dragon in the cold North. A tale of dark deeds and bold adventures straight from the annals of the Norse gods. Described as a ‘modern classic’ The Doomsong Sword is a page-turning, high fantasy tale of dark deeds and bold adventures based on part of the ancient Volsung Saga.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Doomsong Sword is a book about Davor and his harrowing adventures. Davor is a dreamer, stuck at home with his two brothers. He's told to go buy his adopted father some medicine. He stops by the tavern first to warm up and listen to fables. When he is asked by an old sea captain to join his crew, he decides to leave his island without a second thought, not even bringing his sick father the medicine. A shipwreck leaves them all stranded, and Davor is sent to find help. After wandering for a bit, he finds a house where something magical happens.

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