The Do More Club
The Do More Club

A Jewish boy’s bravery and kindness are tested after an antisemitic attack on his middle school in this rousing novel-in-verse.Ever since twelve-year-old Josh Kline found an antisemitic note in his family’s mailbox in third grade, he has felt uncomfortable about his Jewish identity.

At a new school where he’s pretty sure he’s the only Jew, he’s hoping to justkeep religion out of everything . . . until the morning someone sprays swastikas all over the building. That’s when everything changes.In one of the school counseling groups set up in response to the attack, Josh finally reveals that he is Jewish, andquickly finds out there’s more to the other kids in his grade too: All of them have their own struggles. Maybe Josh cando something to help—to “repair the world” as his rabbi teaches, by starting a Do More club to spread kindness. Butmaking a difference is never simple, even when you have new friends by your side.

Fast-paced and conversation-starting, Josh’s story is an empowering examination of prejudice, bullying, and how totake the first step toward change.● Accessible novel in verse: As with Starfish, Love That Dog, Other Words for Home, and other popular verse novels,this is fast-paced and straightforward, perfect for reluctant readers.● Prejudice: The author does a beautiful job of presenting the subject of hate crimes and bullying in a broad,child-relevant, and intimate way. Every reader will be able to personally connect with the story.● Empathy and Action: With its focus on how kids can take real steps to promote kindness in their own community(such as leaving Post-it note compliments on lockers and decorating the school grounds with paintedencouragement-message rocks), this book will empower readers.● Jewish content: The Tikkun Olam tenet of Judaism is a main thread, and Josh attends Hebrew school and consultswith his rabbi

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  • 8 - 12
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The Do More Club, written by Dana Kramaroff, follows the tale of a modern grade school boy named Josh, who is part of a Jewish family. One day, his school is tagged with graffiti that displays antisemitic intentions toward the Jewish community, sparking Josh’s exploration into prejudices surrounding different cultures and identities.

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