Digital Revolutionaries
Digital Revolutionaries: The Men and Women Who Brought Computing to Life (New York Times)
Digital Revolutionaries
Steve Lohr
In the beginning, there was the computer. And it was big. As big as a room. Sometimes as big as a house. Early computers required teams of white-coated scientists to keep them running, yet one of those giant behemoths could not match the computing power of a single microchip today. From the first massive computers to today's nanotechnology, DIGITAL REVOLUTIONARIES offers a guided tour of the history of computers and a celebration of the human ingenuity that led the world from ENIAC to iMAC.

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  • 12 and up
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"Digital Revolutionaries: The Men and Women who Brought Computing To Life" by Steve Lohr is an informative book about computers for children. It chronicles the history of computers, from the very large to the very small. Many facts are given; timelines and newspaper articles are pasted into the book, too. Biographies of the so-called revolutionaries are given briefly. Most of the information is on well-known computer companies and devices that readers should be somewhat familiar with.

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