Demon Envy
Demon Envy
Demon Envy
Erin Lynn
Levi, a water demon who seems very much like a teenage boy, emerges from a portal in sixteen-year-old Kenzie's bathroom one morning, and while his presence in her life is exasperating at times, he seems to help her fit in with her high school peers. Original.

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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In this book, a girl named Kenzie accidentally spills some of her acne cream down her bathtub drain. She accidentally opens a demon portal, and a demon, Levi, shows up in her bathroom. He starts helping her to close the portal, and he slips right into an average teenage life. Meanwhile, Kenzie has to deal with him living at her house, and juggle her day to day life, without letting it slip that Levi is really a demon. At the end of the book, she figures out how to close the portal.

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Kenzie is a regular sixteen year old girl who doesn't really fit into her world. She isn't perfest like her little sister and the guy she likes won't give her a second look, or even a first look at that. One day when Kenzie drops face cream in her tub, a demon portal is opened and she unleashed a demon named Levi. Levi is supposed to make her envious of everyone else's life, so he decides to make her life tourture. First, he becomes the most popular guy in her school after about 3 weeks of being there.

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