Deep in the Heart of High School
Deep in the Heart of High School
Deep in the Heart of High School
Veronica Goldbach
Vanna Reynolds was popular and happy back in Plano, Texas, but now she lives with her mother in a tiny apartment in San Antonio. How can she start her freshman year as a complete nobody? Fatima Garcia does well in school and helps out with her family’s construction business, but is worried about her weight. So she’s thrilled when a junior starts paying attention to her – but is he really interested in Fatima? Olivia Silverstein tries to make life easier for her mother. Ever since her father died two years ago, she’s been the perfect daughter. When will she get to have her own life? When Vanna, Fatima, and Olivia meet at band practice in August, they quickly become best friends. Together, they are ready to tackle the matters of the heart that await them, deep in the heart of high school. Written with verve and touches of humor, the voices in this first novel ring with authenticity.

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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The book Deep in the Heart of High School is about a girl named Vanna, who just moved to Sam Antonio, from Plano. Back in Plano she was popular and had a popular boyfriend. Then her Mom left her Dad and everything changed. Vanna meets two girls named Fatima Garcia and Oliva Silverstein. They become friends right away. And together they help each other through the hardships of being freshmen in high school.

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