Dead Strange
Dead Strange: The Bizarre Truths Behind 50 World-Famous Mysteries
Dead Strange
Matt Lamy
This amazing collection contains entries on everything from the bizarre to the horrific, and from the spooky to the just plain confounding. The book gives essential background information on the events and the people involved, discusses the impact of particular myths and beliefs, and provides updates on the latest investigations being undertaken in an attempt to find answers to these baffling phenomena. From Loch Ness to Bigfoot, spontaneous combustion to Roswell, each entry is supported with sidebars related to pop culture, and comes with a wealth of photographs.

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  • Mystery
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Ever wondered where zombies originated?  Or perhaps you’ve contemplated the existence of aliens, or maybe you think Bigfoot may not exist.  If you have questions like these you will want to check out this book!  The book includes some informative opinions, black and white photos, and facts and truths about some of the strangest things to ever happen in the world.

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