Days of Little Texas
Days of Little Texas
Days of Little Texas
R. A. Nelson
A ghostly love story from the author of Teach Me.Welcome, all ye faithful—and otherwise—to a ghost story, a romance, and a reckoning unlike anything you’ve read before. Acclaimed YA author R. A. Nelson delivers a tantalizing tale set in the environs of the evangelical revival circuit and centered around Ronald Earl, who at ten became the electrifying “boy wonder” preacher known as Little Texas. Now sixteen, though the faithful still come and roar with praise and devotion, Ronald Earl is beginning to have doubts that he is worthy of and can continue his calling. Doubts that only intensify when his faith and life are tested by a mysterious girl who he was supposed to have healed, but who is now showing up at the fringe of every stop on the circuit. Is she merely devoted, or is she haunting him? Fascinating and original, this is an unusual story whose reverb will be deeply felt and which will inspire lively book discussion.

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  • Fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Ronald Earl is a sixteen year old preaching prodigy. He's young and from Texas, and this is how the nickname Little Texas comes to be. Not only is he a great preacher, he has amazing healing powers. Just by laying his hands on someone they can be instantly healed. He travels around doing sermons with his friends Certain Certain, Sugar Tom, and Wanda Joy. People come from miles away just to hear the famous Little Texas and have their ailments cured. One girl Little Texas thought he cured is appearing everywhere he goes.

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