Dart and the Squirrels
Dart and the Squirrels
Dart and the Squirrels
Michelle Izmaylov, Nicole Izmaylov
Name’s Dart—short for d’Artagnan. You may not think much of a grizzled old German Shepherd with a torn ear and a nasty bite, but, trust me, when you’ve spent your whole life dogging it out in the pound, you learn appearances can be deceiving. I mean, just look at that squirrel. Nutty, crazy, you name it. If that sly squirrel isn’t chewing up Banshee’s homework and blaming me, she’s stealing my food, following me around the house, stealing my food, biting my tail, and, did I mention the worst part, stealing my food! This is outrageous! A proud purebred—okay, semi-purebred—German Shepherd such as myself can’t stand for this! I’ll sit. Hey, since you’re here, why don’t you listen up to my complaints? All my doggy pals like them—and their reviews are a little “ruff.”

Book Details


  • Humor

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Dart is a dog who has lived at Happy Endings Adoption Center for a long time. Now that he's been adopted he'll experience a whole new life. Dart finds himself the center of attention, and the star of the whole family. Boy ( the third grade boy in the family whose real name is Charlie) starts bringing him in to show and tell, and Dart becomes the mascot of the Little Springs Shepherds. Life is great, until a tornado hits Dart's house and his family finds a squirrel. Dart suddenly finds himself being replaced as a favorite.

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