Dark Lily
Dark Lily
Dark Lily
Modern Gothic Romantic Thriller. Lily lives in a world of darkness and light, love and possession, secrets and death. Her days are spent hunting with her animal companions but her nights are plagued by living nightmares of her abduction and dead lover. Oliver- Hollywood’s latest ‘wild child’ is sent to Lily’s island estate to stay out of trouble. However, the safety of the island is compromised by the release of vicious hounds and Oliver becomes the beast’s first victim.What are the shocking secrets that Lily hides? Is she the heartless, cold-blooded killer the town’s people suspect her to be?A ‘gathering’ has been called. Soon the world’s most dangerous and powerful people will converge on the island and Lily will be forced to face the Matriarch. The night’s events will determine the fate of all. Secrets will be exposed; lifelong plans brought to ruin. Who will survive the ensuing carnage? LOVE – DESIRE - POSSESSION - DEATH

Book Details


  • Mystery
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult
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