Cut Open the Sky
Cut Open the Sky

A true story about a bi-racial woman, born into the poverty of a farm working family during the Great Depression. As a child, she began to have psychic experiences which motivated her to hone those abilities for a lifetime of psychic counseling. Connie Castro Jackson faced many obstacles including prejudice, poverty, abuse, limited education, and body image insecurity. The stories she shared with me as I wrote this book stretched from hilarious to heartbreaking. 
Her growth from her meager beginnings to Connie Jackson, Spiritual Channel, and Counselor is astounding. Fortunate me, chosen to write her story received a lofty education in the metaphysical. The wisdom she shares is life changing.

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  • Spiritual

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  • Adult
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It is said that we each have one good book in us that we could write about our life. Meeting a capable writer like Corliss Corazza would make writing our personal book that much easier. This is what happened to Connie Castro Jackson. Cut Open the Sky written by Corliss Corazza is about Connie’s life and spirituality.  It is an interesting story of personal growth, self-realization, and psychic transformation.

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She often wondered what would be beyond the sky if she could cut it open. Connie Castro Jackson was a beloved mentor, an intuitive, a dreamer, and a psychic teacher. She shared her life's wisdom through readings as a psychic and through her vulnerability as she shared her life experiences with others. Connie grew up in a large family that experienced the poverty of working in labor camps in California.

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