The Crazy Things Girls Do For Love
The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love
The Crazy Things Girls Do For Love
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In a new comedy from the best-selling author of CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN, two popular girls vie to out-green each other to snare a boy.Fashion-crazy Sicilee is a poster child for over-consumption. Her archrival, Maya, wears arty vintage clothes but hasn’t a clue what’s in the food she eats. So when drop-dead gorgeous new student Cody Lightfoot sets out to spread his eco-ways—and spur the Environmental Club toward an all-out Earth Day bash—Sicilee and Maya have their work cut out to attract his attention. What if Sicilee trades her fur boots for walking shoes (even if she can’t find the school when she’s not inside a car)? What if Maya dresses in plastic bottles and bags to preach in front of the supermarket (until security is called)? Or could it be that Cody isn’t all he’ s cracked up to be, and that saving the planet really is more important than impressing a boy? With her trademark quick-fire wit, Dyan Sheldon shows just what girls will do for love—and what earth-changing realizations they might have along the way.

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  • Chick Lit
  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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The book that I am reviewing is The Crazy Things Girls do for Love by Dyan Sheldon.

In this book the setting is Clifton Springs High School. At this school there are two popular girls, Maya and Sicliee. They are always trying to compete against each other to see who is more popular.

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Three different girls fall for one guy. Cody, who is gorgeous, joins the school and environmental club, so in order for the girls to get noticed by Cody they join the environmental club too. Maya is cool, Sicilee is popular, and Waneeda is a nerd. The girls change some things about them like becoming vegan and learning more about the environment. Will one of them catch his eye, or will they see that changing themselves for a guy isn't worth it?

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