Circles in the Stream
Circles in the Stream (Avalon Web of Magic, Book 1)
Circles in the Stream
Rachel Roberts
Avalon: Web of Magic Book 1, Circles in the Stream by Rachel RobertsThree very different young teens, Emily, the shy one, Adriane, the outsider, and Kara, the power shopper, are all drawn to a secret place deep in the woods where they discover a portal to another world. Wondrous animals have emerged from the portal, desperately seeking the magic that will keep them alive. Though the animals are peaceful and good, what follows them through the portal is twisted and evil and bent on destroying them all. The Fairimentals have chosen these three fourteen-year-olds to protect the magical animals. To save them and their world, the girls must overcome their differences and band together. They begin a perilous quest to discover Avalon, the lost, legendary home of magic, little knowing the terrible dangers they will face along the way.

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Emily Fletcher is the new girl in Stonehill, Pennsylvania. When a wild cat is brought in to her mom's animal hospital with strange burns, Emily finds that this animal can communicate with her. She then discovers that Adriane, who lives on the local wildlife preserve, can also speak with strange animals. These animals seem to think that the girls can help, but how? With the help of a talking ferret (who claims he is a dwarf) and the snobby mayor's daughter, the girls realize that there is a whole other world... and it's in trouble!

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