The Circle Book One of the Sidhe
The Circle: Book One of The Sidhe
The Circle Book One of the Sidhe
Cindy Cipriano
Calum Ranson is sure of three things: his cousin Finley is alive, Calum will find him, and no one knows Calum and his family are Sidhe. No one until Laurel shows up at his mother's bookstore wearing a dark clan's mark. When Calum learns the details surrounding the disappearance of Laurel's brother, he suspects the evil Hobayeth clan. Calum and Laurel work together in the Realm of Man and the Otherworld to rescue her brother - revealing a connection between Calum and Laurel that may cost Finley his life. The Circle is the first is a series of seven books.

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  • Fantasy

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After Finley’s disappearance, his cousin Calum cannot stop blaming himself for what happened. Until he learns the truth.

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Calum Ranson is a boy with a secret. He has magical Sidhe powers that he needs to hide. He was born on the Aessea mound, in the other world. He traveled to the Realm of man when he was little, and has been there ever since. But then, a girl named Laurel comes and changes everything.

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The Circle by Cindy Cipriano Is about a seemingly ordinary family from Emerald Lake, however there is more to them than meets the eye as they are not human, but are sidhe. ‘The Circle’ is the first book in ‘The Sidhe’ series and introduces the Ransom and Dunbar family who are sidhe. The story follows the adventures of Calum Ranson and Hagen Dunbar, who are cousins, and their new friend Laurel Werner who is human. As their friendship grows, it becomes harder for Calum to keep his secret of being sidhe from Laurel, so what happens when she finds out? And will Calum be able to find his cousin Finley, who went missing from the Otherworld, whilst helping Laurel reclaim her twin brother David, who disappeared right in front of her nearly seven years ago? And is the disappearance of the two somehow linked? I really enjoyed reading ‘The Cirlce’ – the plot was absorbing and the characters were very likeable. We are first introduced to Calum and his mother who he calls by her first name Kenzie because it “strengthens the good ones (faeries), and weakens the bad ones”; they seem like ordinary humans at first in a normal world, like “something ordinary out of the ordinary”, but they are more than ordinary. Whilst the trio – Calum, Hagen and Laurel – return from their first adventure somewhat fruitfully, the first book ends with some intriguing questions yet to be answered: are Laurel and David really just humans? Are Neal and Riley sidhe as well? Did Neal and Arlen pass through a threshold to the Otherworld on Halloween? Is Riley responsible for the tricks and mishaps that have been occurring at Longwood Middle School? These questions remain to be answered, including the biggie: what happened to Finley? I look forward to finding out the next adventure in ‘The Sidhe’ series – ‘The Lost’.
5 years 9 months ago
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