The Choir Boats
The Choir Boats: Volume One of Longing for Yount
The Choir Boats
Deborah A. Mills, Daniel A. Rabuzzi
London, 1812 | Yount, Year of the Owl What would you give to make good on the sins of your past? For merchant Barnabas McDoon, the answer is: everything. When emissaries from a world called Yount offer Barnabas a chance to redeem himself, he accepts their price to voyage to Yount with the key that only he can use to unlock the door to their prison. But bleak forces seek to stop him: Yount's jailer, a once-human wizard who craves his own salvation, kidnaps Barnabas's nephew. A fallen angel, a monstrous owl with eyes of fire, will unleash Hell if Yount is freed. And, meanwhile, Barnabas's niece, Sally, and a mysterious pauper named Maggie seek with dream-songs to wake the sleeping goddess who may be the only hope for Yount and Earth alike.

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  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Choir Boats by Daniel A. Rabuzzi takes place in a small village in London during 1812. Barnabas McDoon is a humble merchant who works with his best friend, Sanford, in their trading company. One day Barnabas finds a box on his door step. Inside this box is a key, a note, and a book called Journies and Travels to Yount and the Realms Within. The note tells Barnabas that he is needed in the land of Yount-- a world where only a few people know how to get there-- and the key is needed to save Yount and our human world.

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