Chloe Leiberman (Sometimes Wong)
Chloe Leiberman (Sometimes Wong)
Chloe Leiberman (Sometimes Wong)
Carrie Rosten
This is the deal with Chloe Leiberman (sometimes Wong):· She lives, breathes, sleeps, eats and drinks fashion. · She's half Jewish (father) and half Chinese (mother).· She has one bow-tie(like Tucker Carlson)-wearing brother.· She’s stuck in the OC.· She always knows the right thing to wear. And what you should be wearing, too.· She is a senior in high school.· She didn't apply to college, even though her parents think she did.· She has two best friends–Spring, 100% WASP, and Sue, 100% NOT.· She's talented but doesn't know it yet.· She dreams about going to design school in London.This is her application.

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  • Chick Lit
  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Chloe Says: DO: Read this book if you, like me, love any and all things related to clothing, shopping, designing, and accessorizing, and believe that everything should always go together but never be too matchy-matchy. DON'T: Spend all your money on clothes! Leave some for my book! Chloe Leiberman (Sometimes Wong), A Novel by Carrie Rosten, is full of fun and quirky do's and don'ts like the one above, and has an hilarious fashion-obsessed-enhanced air to it.

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