Chasing the Jaguar
Chasing the Jaguar (Martika Galvez Mystery)
Chasing the Jaguar
Michele Dominguez Greene
Girl next door . . . or Mayan sorceress ? Martika Gálvez's "To Do" list: 1. Research final project for art class–on the jaguar 2. Study the arts of telepathy (ESP) and pyrokinesis (starting fires at will) 3. Build an altar and pray to Mayan deities 4. Use psychic powers to recover stolen ancient statue and help rescue abducted teen girl... 5. and convince Mom I'm really studying at the library Introducing Martika Gálvez, the Latina Nancy Drew of the new millennium. Ages 12+

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  • Chick Lit
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Martika Gálvez looks like any other Latina girl in L.A. except for her eyes. They are amber, catlike eyes like none she has ever seen before. She senses that she is different, but her parents will not tell her why her eyes are the color they are or whom she may have inherited them from. She is left in the dark until the day after her quinceañera, or fifteenth birthday. Then her mother chooses to tell her of their significance to ease her mind. What Martika learns explains the strange dreams she has been having and launches her into a dangerous adventure.

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