Changing My Wardrobe
Changing My Wardrobe
Changing My Wardrobe
I'm sick of being a nobody.I'm tired of being at the bottom.And I don't want to be Avery's punching bag anymore.Now that I'm in high school, things are going to change.  Lindsey's first day of high school is her big chance to start over. With the help of her best friend Teeny, she begins her transformation by changing her wardrobe. But her longtime nemesis Avery likes things just the way they are and sabotages Lindsey at every turn. As the school year progresses, lines are drawn, sides are picked, and war ensues. The escalating drama eventually leads to a tragic event that will alter the teens' lives forever...especially Lindsey's.Changing My Wardrobe is a tragic high school drama about starting over, fitting in, and discovering the truth about what really matters. It's a story about friendship, first love, and soul-crushing loss. It's a story about a person's choices, good and bad, and the unexpected, far-reaching consequences of those choices.

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Lindsey is lokking for a new start after a not so fabulous
junior high expierience. And to do that all she needs is a new
wardrobe. With her good friends Teeny and Grouper at her side
Lindsey will take on high school, with its pros- like Marco
Marino- and its cons- like old enemy Avery. Can she help her
best friends find happiness? Can she find her own? And will
they be able to high school?

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