Changing the Little Things
Changing the Little Things: A Novel
Changing the Little Things
J. L. Manning
This is the story of a fictional author who has a really different idea for a new book. Now, this author is pretty well off, but he has an idea of how to change things in his life. He feels that his life is good, so he writes a book about this idea. This fictional author goes online to a blog site where people complain about their own lives. The author invites eleven people to a private chat room to introduce his idea to them. They meet three nights a week to talk about the topics that are of interest to them: family, work, and friends. These are the topics that the bloggers would like to have an effect on. Will their active blogging on these topics have a profound effect upon their lives? Changing the Little Things, which is written primarily in blog format, contains twelve unfinished stories that are relevant to most people today. In these stories, the author points out how to find the little things in life and how to affect them to cause great change.

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  • Fiction

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Changing the Little Things by J.L. Manning is a book that is about changing small actions to affect those around you. The synopsis of this novel is quite short. A man, working on writing his novel, starts an online chat room to help people manipulate others to better suit their wishes. He starts a chat room to help people learn tricks to changing people. Each person is aiming to make someone close to them more likable; friends, family, coworkers. So they chat once a week and come up with ways to fix others instead of working on themselves.

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