Margaret McMullan
In her fourteen years living in a Chicago housing project, Cashay has never ridden in a taxi cab, seen the city lit up at night, or set foot in a museum. She’s not pretty, or graceful, or bubbly like her little sister, Sashay. She gets her family by on a couple of dollars and food stamps every week.No, Cashay has never felt much like a treasure. “Your name doesn’t signify who you are,” Cashay tells her sister. But that was before Sashay was killed. Before her mother started using again. Before her mentor, Allison, showed Cashay a bigger piece of the world, and encouraged her to finally, finally step into it.A name may not signify who you are, but in this poignant coming of age story by acclaimed writer Margaret McMullan, readers will find that indeed, Cashay is an exception to her own rule.

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Cashay, a novel by Margaret McMullan expresses that even though someone might live in the projects of Chicago, a child can try and make it through the hardships that face her. In the begging of the book, Cashays sister, Sashay is shot and killed while they are walking home from school. Cashays mother goes into a down ward tumble after the funeral, beginning to use drugs leaving Cashay to her own devices. Cashay begins loosing feeling for all other people.

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